Situated in a picturesque setting at over 1,200 meters altitude, guarded by woods and isolated from civilization and modern worldly turmoil, the monastic settlement completes the landscape plateau of the “Chiliilor Mountains”, plateau belonging to the “Runcul Sheepfolds Ridge”, one of the main peaks of the “Tarcău” Mountains.
         A new impressive building is located on the monastic grounds, which houses the priory, holds some rooms for guests and a little place of worship which in the past served as a refectory for both pilgrims and monks.


         The chapel walls are painted using the technique of fresco, with a makeshift altar built immediately after the fire of January 31 2008 and subsequently improved, making it possible to commit the necessary public religious services of any Christian Orthodox. The monastery comprises two other buildings, an old one, located close to the gateway and a newly constructed building located right next to the church, the latter forming a complex of monastery cells.
         The monastic ensemble is completed by a house whose importance is given by its age, being the only remaining monastic building from the inter-war period still standing. It was renovated and expanded over time, today housing the refectory (dining hall), kitchen, pantry and bread oven. Two other buildings serve as the monastery’s farm annex. The bell tower, built of wood and supported by a metallic frame, is located in the eastern part of the monastery, a few steps from an imposing metal cross that can be spotted from the other end of the monastery ground, the main gate. The cross is 26 meters high and over 1264 meters above sea level.
         Visitors coming from Bacau can reach the monastery grounds via the Moineşti road, from the entrance of “Moineşti” following the road to “Zemeş”, drive for about 2-3 km towards “Bolătău” then at the first intersection with the roadside crucifix on the left, climb to the monastery on the main road for 12 km. The road conditions are poor and vary greatly depending on weather conditions and thus an off road car is recommended.

Translated by Alexandru-Emanuel Pavel